Patient Testimonials

“ After I gave birth to my daughter, my allergies got so bad.  Year round I had swollen, red eyes.  Nothing worked. ”... “ Since I've started [allergy shots] it's been a complete turnaround.  My eyes are clear.  I can enjoy the outdoors.  My friends can bring their pets to my house and I can go to their houses. ”
 - Olga H.  Ridgefield, NJ

“ Dr. Selvaggi is one of the most knowledgeable, competent and caring physicians I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. He truly cares about the patient, keeps in touch with other doctors they go to if needed and is a true specialist. His staff is kind and go out of their way to give you an [appointment] ASAP and in a time [frame] that is good for the patient. ”
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“ A whole new aspect of my life has opened up to me because of my allergy shots.  Whereas before I couldn't even be in a room with a cat or furry dog, I can now play with cats and dogs and even live with them. ”... “ The quality of my life has drastically improved as well.  I am no longer debilitated when exposed to molds, and my seasonal allergies are history. Now I can go anywhere, anytime and not be subjected to watery eyes, a stuffy nose, or an asthma attack.  It's a whole new world! ”
- Dorene T.  North Arlington, NJ

“ I had chronic, persistent, and essentially crippling [seasonal] allergies.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I decided to start [allergy] shots.  It was simply the best choice I've ever made.  [So] worth it.  I can smell things, I can perform at a top level in sports, and I don't have to miss work because of how I feel. Anyone who says they have similar issues [should do] what I did. ”
 - Greg D.  Fair Lawn, NJ 

“ I have had allergies and asthma for over 50 years.  Dr. Selvaggi is by far the best allergist/immunologist I have ever been to.  He is a great diagnostician - testing for allergens no one else thought of.  I highly recommend him. ”
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“ I have suffered from allergies almost my entire life. ”... “ I've always been very allergic to dogs and cats.  My son has 2 dogs and I was unable to be around them for more than an hour, even with medication.  Since my shots began with Dr. Selvaggi a few months ago, I am finding that I can be around dogs for very long stretches of time, even 5-6 hours, with no symptoms whatsoever.  Dr. Selvaggi has customized my treatment which no one has really ever done.  ”
 - Sarah A.  New City, NY

 “ I had my first visit today with Doctor Selvaggi.  I was impressed with the attitude of the staff and he cleanliness of the entire facility.  The doctor was approachable, concerned and very thorough. He didn't rush me and he made sure I was aware of his instructions. ” 
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“ Activities at home or at work were problematic or in most places where there's carpeting.  My tolerance for dust in carpeting has improved greatly.  I no longer have difficulty breathing. ” 
 - Vaughn  N.  River Edge, NJ

“ I've been a patient of Dr. Selvaggi for more than 10 years.  I travel 90 miles to see him and he is totally worth the effort.  He is so thorough and a great listener. ”... “ The staff is very caring. ” 
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“ Since I started allergy shots, I am now able to work outside.  Before, my allergies would not [permit] me to work outside in the spring months.  My allergy symptoms have improved to a level that is comfortable. ”
 - Zachary S.  Secaucus, NJ

“ I very highly recommend Dr. Selvaggi! He really spent his time with me and answered any and all questions I had.  He typed out very specific instructions for me to follow. ”... “ Also, the wait time was only a few minutes and all other staff in his office are very kind and accommodating. ”
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“ I find that I can tolerate more contact with cats and dusts.  This makes caring for my cats and fosters easier as well as cleaning the house.  I also garden, and this is better as well. ” 
 - George Ann M.  New Milford, NJ

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